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Novartis Names Jimenez CEO

Joe Jimenez

Joe Jimenez

Novartis shocked investors on Tuesday morning when the Swiss-based firm announced that CEO Daniel Vasella would relinquish his post as CEO to Joe Jimenez while retaining his chairman of the board spot.

According to a release, this move has been in the works since 2008 and lead to the restructuring of its management team. The executive committee has decreased in size from 12 to nine members, and the company eliminated three senior positions, including chief operating officer, head corporate affairs, and head group quality/technical operations.

Jimenez is no stranger to the company. He’s served as pharmaceutical head for three years and held a laundry list of senior level positions at consumer companies, such as Heinz and Clorox. His previous pharma experience consists of a five-year tenure at AstraZeneca from 2002 to 2007.

While Vasella continues to draw a paycheck from Novartis three people are heading for different pastures. COO Joerg Reinhardt, a frontrunner for the CEO slot, is calling it a day; as are CFO Raymond Breu and Quality Group leader Andreas Rummelt.

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  1. Micky
    Posted January 28, 2010 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    What does it mean by organization point of view?
    Is there any relationship with the “rumor” of potential sell of Vaccines and Diagnostics Novartis Division to Pfizer?

  2. Posted September 2, 2012 at 6:19 pm | Permalink

    Dear Sir.sticking to the old conventions and trends is really a foolishness but in the present indian pharma scenerio the top leading companies have started the trends that have had such a devastating effect that doctors, instead of listening to the calls and the products features and efficacy, they starts talking about what extra benefits the company will provide.

    They have no interest in enhancing or updating the knowledge about newly developed technology and the products.They think that it will be available on internet, and they will look the products up on the internet later, but they don’t get the time to do so. Eventually the end customers get sacked with these benefits for whom companies have developed the products. At initial stage pharma promotion was cutting the edge off the competitors through providing the extra schemes, then after it declined to provide some normal useful gifts, they started promoting their product in such a fashion that it has become a curse for the industry.The top pharma companies have compelled the doctors to lower their morals. Instead of talking about the result-oriented products they start talking about the extra schemes along with, for example: 1) Do you think cutting the sampling in promotion of product is a right way of promotion? 2) Have we experienced that the margin which the pharma companies were getting after providing the scheme during the sample providing days is less than today (without sample promotion)? 3) Do we know the impact and message of such type of promotion, where doctors without checking the products suitability on patients start prescribing it? ANSWER NO (in my opinion). No one is concerned about the long time benefits, because the top executives who are earning the handsome money against their designation are busy in fooling the company’s owner by showing the market share value instead of talking about the ROI margin.

    Dear colleagues, it’s time to wake up and save the industry which is free from global recession. In my opinion if all the companies will start ethical promotion of their products, they don’t have to cut the sampling or reduce the field force.They will earn more profits than they are earning now. Apart from that this industry will become a maximum job providing industry and even a cool and flourishing industry forever.(Sorry! ,if you get hurt) Thanks and Regards –Field force

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