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A Plea for Change at HCMA Conference

Pharma might be aTwitter about social media, but few companies are freeing their marketing teams to try new strategies to engage consumers and patients. And they have a good reason to be afraid. With FDA dropping warning letters for the most innocent infractions, there is legit trepidation in trying new online strategies. So, it’s no […]
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Can Healthcare Games Change the Game of Healthcare?

Image via Wikipedia Ellen Hoenig Carlson of Advance MarketWoRx is live from Day 2 of the Games for Health Conference. With the completion of the Games For Health Conference Friday, it was very exciting to see several innovative efforts in place. Despite being the early days in Health eGaming, momentum is quickly building behind games […]
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Games: The Next Frontier for Pharma Marketers

Guest Post:  AdvanceMarketWorx founder Ellen Hoenig Carlson live from the Games For Health Conference This is the first of two blogs covering the fifth annual Games for Health Conference (clickable ink to in Boston June 11-12. You can also follow the conference on Twitter: #g4h09. Almost 400 attendees, more than 50 sessions, and 100 […]
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WHO Pushes H1N1 Flu to Pandemic State

Image by Quiplash! via Flickr The Word Health Organization just bumped the H1N1 influenza to pandemic alert phase 6 (the highest alert level), making it the first worldwide pandemic in 41 years. According to WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, 30,000 cases of the swine flu have been reported in 74 countries, but there is a very […]
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Judge Throws The Book At Former Bristol-Myers Squibb Exec

Media wordsmiths are competing to outdo one another today in punny reporting on the news that ex-BMS exec Andrew Bodnar has been sentenced to write a book about the role he played in the firm’s 2006 reverse-payments case over generic Plavix. “Pen-ance: Bristol-Myers Exec Gets Two Years of Hard Writing,” The Wall Street Journal Law […]
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