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Yaz Spoofed on Best Week Ever

VH1 took Bayer to task on last night’s Best Week Ever, mocking the company’s new corrective ad for the contraceptive Yaz.

Host Paul F. Tompkins introduced the skit by playing the opening few seconds of the actual television ad, in which a paid actress states, “You may have seen some Yaz commercials recently that were not clear. The FDA wants us to correct a few points in those ads.” Tompkins ponders just what could have not been clear about a birth control pill, and then launches into a spoof.

The VH1 spoof of the ad features two women talking about Yaz. The one on the treatment begins hovering in the air and proceeds to shoot energy beams from her eyes, hitting the other woman full force. The victim then proclaims that she’s now cure of cancer. “Thank you Yaz.”

Bayer was forced to drop upwards of $20 million on new Yaz ads to clean up a campaign that the feds (and a slew of state attorney generals) felt were misleading and played down the drug’s side effects.

The VH1 spoof should be available as a free download in iTunes later this week.

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    My love takes yaz, and actually it has been rather good. She probably did suffer from some minor side effects but nothing too bad. I actually liked the article thanks a lot for writing it.

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