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Pharm Exec Podcast Series:
Bill Trombetta Industry Audit (Part 1)

[display_podcast] What’s the best managed pharma? Each year, Professor Bill Trombetta of Saint Joseph’s University attempts to answer the question in Pharm Exec’s “Industry Audit”, applying a battery of traditional and nontraditional metrics to the largest publicly held companies. This year, in addition to his article, Bill agreed to sit down with editor-in-chief Patrick Clinton […]
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JP Morgan Healthcare Conference:
It’s All About "Money…Rather the Economy!"

JP Morgan’s Healthcare Conference has always been about financing, but money has never been the main focus like it is at this year’s annual gathering in San Francisco. The hallmark of this investment meeting has been innovation, with companies passionately pitching their new product or technology and management team’s capability to execute on a business […]
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FDA Declares: Keep Taking Your Vytorin

It’s official. Vytorin (ezetimibe/simvastatin) still does what it’s supposed to do—significantly decrease LDL cholesterol. FDA, yesterday, released its assessment of the now-notorious ENHANCE trial—which tested whether Vytorin was better than simvastatin alone in reducing arterial plaque in a group of patients with severe genetic high cholesterol. It wasn’t, and publication of the study set off […]
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Asking the Right Questions on FDA Reform

When it comes to reforming the (FDA),if you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t get the right answers. Look at the recent media coverage of the agency’s 2008 drug approval numbers. Last year, the FDA approved more “first-of-their-kind” drugs (21) and instituted fewer “black box” warnings (46) than it did in 2007 (18 and […]
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