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Roche Unsweetens Genentech Pot and Takes it to the Shareholders

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Roche wants Genentech and it’s sick of waiting for a deal. Six months after a special committee for the biotech firm’s board of directors rejected Roche’s offer of $43.7 billion or $89 a share, Roche has switched gears and dropped the offer to $86.50 per share and is taking […]
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AZ, Sepracor, and Abbott Cinch Belts With Layoffs

It’s been a tough few days for pharmaceutical employees. Just days after Pfizer announced that it would eliminate 10 percent of its workforce, three other companies are revealing restructuring plans that include releasing hundreds (and in one case thousands) of employees. In its fourth quarter report released today, AstraZeneca stated that it will continue its […]
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Pharm Exec Podcast Series:
Bill Trombetta Industry Audit (Part 2)

[display_podcast] Continuing Pharm Exec editor Patrick Clinton’s conversation with Bill Trombetta on the top four pharma companies and what makes them special. Eli Lilly: With double-digit growth in sales, and a solid improvement in revenue per employee, Lilly placed fourth in the Company of the Year rundown. Bill Trombetta explains Lilly’s position as a big/small […]
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Pfizer to Buy Wyeth for $68 Billion

Pfizer made it official this morning. The pharma giant acquired Wyeth for $50.19 a share or $68 billion in cash and stocks, and news of the merger sent ripples through the pharma industry: Pfizer Broadens Beyond Pills with $68 Billion Wyeth Buy: Pfizer has agreed to acquire Wyeth in a $68 billion deal that’s the […]
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Memo to President Obama on Reforming FDA

In recent weeks, the incoming Obama administration has solicited input from across the policy community as it begins to shape priorities for its forthcoming term. As a former FDA official, I was honored to be asked for my advice on the pharma industry. Demand for drugs is on the rise, yet FDA remains undermanned, underfunded, […]
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