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The KOL Database Kingdom

Tracking interactions with KOLs can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right systems in place. Similar to the children’s mythology-themed boardgame, “Key to the Kingdom,” the odds of mastering it at first try are slim—but over time, you learn from mistakes, become familiar with the rules, and ultimately succeed. Michael Schaffer, senior […]
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An Inevitable Evolution

It is all about the pull and less about the push when it comes to delivering an effective and valuable message to physicians without comprising compliance. And the panelists and speakers attending the Center for Business Intelligence’s Premier Opinion Leader Management Systems conference in King of Prussia, PA, couldn’t agree more. Over the next five […]
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Daschle to Spearhead Healthcare Reform

President-elect Barack Obama is moving quickly in selecting former Senate majority leader Tom Daschle as secretary of Health and Human Services. Daschle has been a close advisor to Obama, and now is slated to be the administration’s point person on moving health reform legislation through Congress. Reform advocates consider the selection a sign that the […]
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Amid Big Pharma Woes, Shire in “Best Shape Ever”

Angus Russell, Shire’s longtime CFO—now CEO—likens the failing US automobile industry to pharma. “All the problems with the automobile industry were a long time coming,” he says. “It’s just that the SUVs and the relatively cheap price of gas created a bubble, just like a booming economy and blockbusters.” But now that the bubble has […]
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Wyeth v. Levine: Inside the Preemption Case

Last week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the long-awaited preemption case, Wyeth v. Levine. For the first time, the highest court in the land is weighing in on whether federal approval of a drug preempts tort claims against a drugmaker, such as an injured consumer might bring in a state court. A decision for […]
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