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Gearing up: HBA Leadership Conference

Two thousand and eight seems to be a year of unprecedented female leadership. Forget for a second (if you can) the run-off for the Presidential election. If you just consider healthcare, the ladies are really stepping up—and making all the right moves. Consider a few examples: J&J names Sheri McCoy worldwide chairman of pharmaceuticals (replacing […]
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A Tentative Eye from Pharma

HealthTalker head Andy Levitt returned a bit bleary eyed from San Francisco on Friday morning to attend eyeforpharma’s 3rd Annual eCommunication and Online Marketing Summit. Day Two of this event focused first on how physicians are using the web. CEO Daniel Palestrant from Sermo gave a compelling overview of how his company is becoming the […]
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Health 2.0: Internet Déjà vu

Andy Levitt, founder and CEO of HealthTalker, continues his coverage of the Health 2.0 conference. Today was Day 2 at Health 2.0 in San Francisco, and the overwhelming theme for me at the conference was this: it feels a lot like it did eight years ago. In many ways, I am impressed with the number […]
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Web 2.0 Meet Health 2.0

Andy Levitt, founder and CEO of HealthTalker, checks in from San Francisco with coverage of the Health 2.0 conference. This is the 2nd year of the event, and there are close to 1,000 people here, with representation from pharma, biotech, VC firms and investors, agencies, and reporters. The purpose of the conference is to showcase […]
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Linguistics: "Salami-slicing" Orphan Drugs

Ultra-orphan? It’s a phrase I never heard before, but increasingly, companies are taking it on and finding it a useful way to describe the very smallest patient groups. “Language is very important, and you have to understand how it affects perception,” says Maria Hardin, vice president of patient services for NORD (National Organization for Rare […]
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