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Biotech Watch: Dual Opiates, Certified Pigs

Just back from BIO, where two of the most interesting conversations I had were with companies from Down Under. First was Paul Tan, CEO of Living Cell Technologies, which is officially headquartered in Melbourne Australia, but operates out of Auckland, New Zealand. The company is developing a diabetes therapy that involves implanting specially encapsulated pig […]
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Consumers On Demand

Raise your hand if you have a TiVO or some other brand of digital video recorder (DVR). Chances are good that if you have cable or satellite television programming, you have a time-shifting device and you’ve fully mastered the art at fast forwarding past all the commercials until the precise moment the program comes back […]
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E-Patient Record Sites Scramble for Partners

The race is on. Microsoft and Google have launched their respective electronic medical record (EMR) programs, and it’s going to be interesting to see which tech giant will get the edge on the platform. In the last week, both camps announced partnerships with some pretty big names in the EMR worlds. Microsoft has teamed up […]
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Patient Power Proves Positive

Market research firm Synovate yesterday released the results of its global survey designed to figure out what people really think about healthcare. The firm interviewed 9,642 people in 12 countries, including Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Germany, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and the United States. Here are few factoids gleaned from the data: • […]
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CME–No More Fun

Oregon’s Academy of Family Physicians 1,300 members decided to no longer accept pharma supported grants (restricted and non-restricted) for its continuing education programs. And last month, the American Medical Association (AMA) Council on Ethical Judicial Affairs issued a report saying that physician and institutions of medicine should stop the practice altogether. The idea doesn’t seem […]
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