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The DTC Hearings: Gleaning Some Nuggets

Last week’s congressional hearings on direct-to-consumer advertising were, as expected, pretty inconclusive—but that doesn’t mean we won’t be hearing a lot more on the topic. The big question, I think, is when (and whether) the debate will ever get to the point of realism about what DTC is and can be. The idea of advertising […]
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Scientists Without Borders

The New York Academy of Sciences held its kickoff last night of Scientists Without Borders. “It’s a for organizations and resources focused on helping the developing world,” said NYAS president Ellis Rubinstein. The initiative so far consists of a just-launched wiki—and, as such, leaves a little to be desired in terms of content. But […]
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Valeant to Lay Off Half Its Workforce

The last time Pharm Exec covered Valeant Pharmaceuticals, it was in 2005, and things were looking good for the company. It had a new name, and a sleek new organization, lighter than the old by 8,000 employees. New CEO Timothy Tyson had created a talented and enthusiastic new management team. A new strategy was in […]
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Merck’s Cordaptive: A Nasty Surprise

If there’s one piece of pharma news that should come as no surprise, it’s FDA throwing a new drug back at its maker with a “Try again later.” After all, the agency spent last year handing out “approvable” letters like pharma hands out freebies. That’s why we’re surprised that analysts, reporters, and possibly even Merck […]
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