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Millennium Founder Heads a New Biotech

If, in the wake of the sale of Millennium, you’ve been wondering what ever happened to the company’s co-founder and longtime CEO Mark Levin, the answer was in this morning’s deal news, in the announcement that a young biotech called Constellation Pharmaceuticals had closed a $32 million Series A financing. The companies coming up with […]
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Microsoft Launches New Tool Kit;
Chats About Vista

Microsoft is at the tail end of its Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Developer and Solutions Conference in Atlantic City. Pharm Exec couldn’t make the show, but Bill Gate’s life sciences crew was nice enough to give us a call and fill us in on the launch of its new development tool kit and how […]
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Times’ Drug-Supply Snoops Bag a Pulitzer

The New York Times likes to give the drug industry a hard time with its (unbranded) scandal of the week series—off-label promoting, suppressing data, that sort of thing. But when the 2008 Pulitzer Prizes were handed out on Monday, the winner for best investigative reporting was a series by the Times that even its harshest […]
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PRSA Day 2: Join the Conversation

The second dispatch from Marina Maher Communication‘s healthcare guru Megan Svensen: It’s the second day of the 19th Annual PRSA Health Academy meeting in Chicago and the morning has provided more valuable learnings. Ed Schipul, CEO of Schipul – The Web Marketing Company, gave a great analogy in his talk: He says joining the blogosphere […]
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PRSA Day 1: Talking’ Cross Gen

The discussions over the next model for pharma fall all over the map, but include one central component: a conversation with consumers. How to do it? Here, Megan Svensen, executive vice president of healthcare for Marina Maher Communications, reports in from the annual Public Relations Society of America boot camp on healthcare. I’m coming to […]
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