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FMCP and Performance-Based Pricing

The Foundation for Managed Care Pharmacy is all grown up. The nonprofit is flourishing under its executive director, Cindy Pigg (right), who took the reigns back in 2005 after handling pharmaceutical contracting for Cigna for 17 years. She just rang me to talk about her work to retool the organization to do the research that’s […]
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Mark Stevens: God and the Sales Pitch

Mark Stevens is at it again. This time, the guy who informed you that Your Marketing Sucks (Crown Business) wants you to know that God Is a Salesman (Hachette Book Group USA/Center Street). And no, he’s not kidding. Say what you will about his provocative titles—clearly, Stevens is doing something right. He’s the CEO of […]
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"Be Kinder to Kindler Week" Proclaimed

Less than 24 hours after skewering CEO Jeffrey Kindler (right) in the press following Pfizer’s dismal Analyst Day, Wall Street’s large-cap analysts have done a stunning turnaround. In a rare show of remorse at their pitiless pile-on, these freshly contrite gurus of the pharma sector have declared the next five business days “Be Kinder to […]
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Running Interference for the RNA Interference Breakthrough

A morning-after assessment of the proof of concept news reveals that while Alnylam CEO John Maraganore (below) thinks he’s on a “moonwalk,” it’s really just cloud nine reached by “nice, small steps.” Alnylam Pharmaceuticals’ announcement last Friday that it had scored the industry’s first human proof of concept with RNA interference sure sounded like a […]
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